CAA brings more international condemnation to India


News: The United Nations has expressed concerns that adoption of the Citizenship Amendment Act has paved the way for rising hatred against minorities, particularly Muslims.

Here are five components of the story:

  • In a press note issued through the United Nation, special adviser on the prevention of genocide, Adam Dieng said, while of the objective of the act to protect persecuted minorities in commendable, it concerns that this protection is not guaranteed to all groups Including Muslims.
  •  “This is contrary to India’s obligation under international human right law in particular on non-discrimination” He added.
  • The Indian parliament passed CAA in December 2019 that provides fast track citizenship for persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. However, it excludes Muslims from the list of persecuted minorities.
  • The new law sparked protests led by the Muslim community and secular groups all over India. Referring to these protests, the statement noted that the UN special advisor expressed concerns over that demonstration had led to attacks on the Muslim community in India.
  •  The UN official asked India to follow international laws governing hate speech.

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