Nurse allegedly made to work without PPE, dies of Coronavirus


News: A female 46-yeard-old nurse working at the Kalra Hospital in Delhi died of the coronavirus on 24 May. She was allegedly made to reuse PPE at Kalra Hospital, as reported by Indian Express. She is the first nurse in India to have died of the virus.

Here are five components of the story:

  • Colleagues of the nurse allege that Kalra Hospital, which is not a designated center to treat Covid patients, asked nurses to reuse personal protective equipment. “While the doctors were given fresh PPE, the nurses were asked to reuse PPE,” a nurse at Kalra Hospital told the Indian Express.
  • This is in contrast to the health and safety requirements issued by various bodies in regards to treatment of the virus; health workers need to change their PPE several time a day, especially when India is dealing with rapidly increasing cases.
  • Dr RN Kalra, owner of the hospital, denied the allegations and claimed that adequate PPE and hand sanitisers were being provided to all employees. “I have not received a single complaint from any staffer,” he added. “If there is a single discrepancy, I will investigate and take strict action.”
  • A nurse at the Kalra Hospital said many of them have decided not to go to work till adequate safety arrangements were made for them. “Today it’s Ambika, tomorrow it can be me,” she added. “I have not reported to work since Ambika’s death. Our neighbours aren’t happy about having a nurse next door.”

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