Washington Post reports Israeli Police shooting a Palestinian amid rising tensions


On Saturday, Israeli police fatally shot a Palestinian who was unarmed. The incident threatens to incite tensions in the middle of a pandemic and the prospect of Israeli annexation.

The Washington Post said, “The victim was identified as Iyad Elhalak, 32, who lived in the mostly Arab neighborhood of Wadi Joz in East Jerusalem. His family described Elhakak to reporters as autistic and said he was in his way a school for students with disabilities in the Old City, where he was both a student and employee.”

The Israeli police contended that the man was carrying a pistol. However, the victim’s family denied the claim and said he would not have been a threat.

The Justice Ministry has launched an investigation into the shooting.

It comes at a time when emotions are already flaring over Israel’s unilateral annexation plans under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Last month Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas declared that it is repealing the long-standing security arrangement with Israel over fears of annexation.

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Adnan Ghaith, the Palestinian Authority’s shadow governor said, “What happened in Minneapolis is happening every day here in our streets and cities and villages.”  

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