Washington Post on the future of India’s climate change policy


Hopes are being pinned on India’s role in curbing climate change. As the world confronts a changing climate, India’s decisions could have wider ramification on the natural environment.

A success story of electric rickshaw in the fight against climate change is being celebrated at the world stage. In India there are about 1.75 million electric rickshaws, a number that is higher than the total number of electric cars sold in the United States.

The Washington Post reported that India has a huge responsibility in its fight against climate change. The kind of policies devised could offset greenhouse gas emissions or accelerate it. Lockdown has been helpful in curbing emissions. One estimate suggests that worldwide emission decreased by as much as 17 percent.

In this background, India also saw the benefits of lockdown with blue skies in New Delhi as the pollution fell noticeably. With the increase in economic activity after the lockdown was eased will hamper the short-lived benefits. As India goes ahead, it will also have to come to terms with its energy needs.

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