Washington Post on the risk of reopening of religious places amid rising coronavirus cases


As the infections rate reaches 10,000 a day in India, holy places are opening their doors for the devotees. India has recorded more than 250,000 cases with 7,200 deaths pointing to the low mortality rates.

The Washington Post showed that India is taking risk of reopening more spots where people congregate, including places of worship with the hope that added precautions will prevent infections.

Tirupati Temple opened its door to devotees that normally receives 60,000 visitors daily. On the first day, devotes approached the temple by the hundreds each hour, rather than by the thousands.

Though physical distancing measures were implemented many fear that it will be of no avail.

According to the report, some Indians say they are craving a return to their regular spiritual lives after long months shut inside or praying in private. At Delhi’s Jama Masjid, worshippers gathered Monday for the first time since the lockdown.

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