Russia Deploys Warplanes in Libya: Consequences for the Civil War in Libya Explained


This month Russia deployed warplanes to support a militia leader’s assault on the U.N. backed government in Tripoli. The deployment of these planes raises the threat of escalating the country’s civil war that has already taken thousands of lives.

Here are five components of the Civil War in Libya

  • Moscow supports the military commander Khalifa Haftar, whose forces have been trying to capture the capital for more than a year. The move taken by Moscow is seen as a desire to outflank its main regional rival, Turkey.
  • Haftar’s forces are threatening to launch a bombing campaign in the areas around the capital city of Tripoli since the acquisition of warplanes in his arsenal.
  • Many believe that the move taken by Moscow is to undermine European influence in the region along with Turkey.
  • With the absence of the U.S., it is understood that Russian involvement in the region will increase.
  • Russian warplanes may also be used for capturing the oil-rich parts of the country.

(With inputs from Wall Street Journal)

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