Palestinian dawn drummer threatened with fine and arrest by Israeli soldiers


Areen Zaaneen- a Palestinian drummer, who wakes up Muslims for their meals before dawn during the month of Ramadan, has been threatened by Israeli security forces, the Middle East Monitor reported.

Zaaneen, who is a resident of Wadi Al-Joz near Al-Aqsa mosque, was barred from doing his usual morning job. He was also threatened to be fined and arrested if found on the streets of Jerusalem.

Musharati or the drummer’s job, traditionally, is to wake up Muslims before dawn. This is done in order to begin with the preparation of the fasting day ahead. Zaaneen’s job is an integral part of the Palestinian heritage.

While Israeli soldiers have been arresting Musharatis since 2018- after Jewish residents’ complaints regarding the noise, the Palestinian Authorities firmly believe that these threats speak loudly of the constant attempts to end Palestinian presence in Jerusalem. This open war purely aims at eradicating the Palestinian population from the holy city, by attacking their culture.

“The recognition by US President Donald Trump of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying power and the transfer of the US Embassy to the city is a green light for the occupation authorities to boost its [illegal] settlements and the Judaisation of occupied Jerusalem,” said the Palestinian Authorities. “This includes ongoing provocative attacks against Islamic and Christian holy sites.”

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