Five images on how Indian media promotes Islamophobia


There have been multiple reports and essays on how a section of Indian media fanned Islamophobia using Covid19 as an excuse. We are today publishing five images from different publication that depicts how Muslim symbols are associated with the virus for our audience to get a sense of stereotypes that are created about people, communities, using graphics, images and symbols.

Here are five images from different publications that depict how Islamophobia is normalized.

The New Indian Express uses the image of a man offering Namaz with the headline ‘ Spike in number of COVID cases in Bangalore’ .
Hindustan Times use image of Delhi’s Jama Masji with the title ‘ Covid-19 : What you need to know today ‘
All India Radio publishes an image of two men inside a mosque with twitter information on 105 new COVID patients detected in Jharkhand. They later removed the image after being called out
The Hindu publishes an image of a man associated with Muslim attire with Covid19 representational image on his head and gun in hand symbolizing a terrorist.
India Today uses a graphic with skull cap along with data on Covid19 as if virus spread was only limited to Muslim.

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