Anti-Chinese anger is surging in the wake of army casualties: NYT reports


Indians are outraged over the loss of 20 soldiers in a brawl with Chinese troops at the disputed border. Angry crowds are smashing Chinese made-television in the street.

Expressing his anger over the army casualties, a minister has called for Chinese restaurants to be closed. Jeffrey Gettleman of the NYT reported that protests have broken out across India to boycott Chinese goods.

Retired army personnel are calling for bleeding China with a thousand cuts. Likewise, Prime Minister Narendra has said that India is capable of giving a befitting reply if provoked as if he needs more provocation.

The supreme leader has been able to harbor a sentiment across the length and breadth of the nation to weather the Chinese threat. He is accompanied by the Indian media where Modi’s agenda is underpinned.

India and China are complexly interdependent in economic terms. The phones in most Indians are made in China and trade between the two nations stands at $95 billion. Boycotting the Chinese products will come at a cost. While at the other front, India will find it hard to eclipse China’s military power.

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