Sachin Pilot reaches Delhi with his loyalists


After the BJP’s alleged attempt to topple the Congress-led Rajasthan government, Sachin Pilot, the deputy chief minister of Rajasthan, reached Delhi on Sunday along with 23 MLAs to discuss the developing political crisis in the state with party leadership.

Here are five components of the story:

  • 16 pro-Pilot Congress MLAs and three independent MLAs reached Delhi on Saturday, ahead of the deputy Pilot’s arrival.
  • A day after he met her close aide and senior party leader Ahmed Patel, Pilot is expected to speak to party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi,
  • The meeting followed fast-paced political developments in Jaipur that have sent alarm bells ringing in Congress high command as a deepening rift between Gehlot and Pilot threatens of a fate similar to what happened in Madhya Pradesh, where Jyotiraditya Scindia walked out the government with his MLAs, leading to the downfall of the Congress
  • Claiming that he has 23 MLAs in his camp, Pilot wants to flaunt his strength because of the clash with Gehlot.
  • Seniors in the party asked Piliot to “show patience and not ruin his future”, assuring that things would be sorted out. They asked him to avoid this “ego clash.”

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