Claims that Delhi University does not recognise Muslims as a minority is factually incorrect


Claims were circulating online and one published by Karvaan India as well that Delhi University does not recognise Muslims as a minority anymore. However, the report turned out to be factually incorrect as University officials explained that there was no Muslim category in the online form since the University does not have have a Muslim minority institution. “There are colleges for Sikhs and Christians, but not for Muslims’; therefore, Muslims come in the Not Applicable category,” The official said. We at Karvaan India regret the mistake and have removed the story from our website.

 Here are five components of the story
  • Delhi University had called for online applications to its courses for 2020-21 session on June 20, 2020.
  • Several Muslim students filling in the form had complained of not being able to mark themselves in the minority community.
  • “I was shocked not to find Muslims in the minority category section. I thought there was a problem with my system, but then I checked with others, and they complained the same.” A Muslim applicant told Karvaan India.
  • Karvaan India found out the claim as factually incorrect. And that the University never had minority category for Muslims as an option in the form as the university did not have a Muslim minority institution.
  • “There has never been a minority category for Muslims in the online application at Delhi University, the problem here is that in all these years Muslim minority status has not been given to even Zakir Hussain College and not that Muslims are not recognised as a minority,” A faculty at Zakir Hussain College said to Karvaan India.

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