New Zealand Shows Zeal in Following Social Distancing Rules


New Zealand has earned great applause for its ability to keep the novel Coronavirus pandemic under control through particularly strict social distancing norms.

Recently, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern felt the inconvenience of this, it seems. The Twitterati found her, along with her partner, being turned away from a restaurant because it had reached its capacity according to the social distancing norms that were to be followed.

Gayford confirmed the news, explaining that he had not booked a spot for their lunch in advance. However, they luckily did not have to miss out on their meal, because the restaurant tracked them down as soon as a spot opened up.

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New Zealand has had only 1500 cases of the novel Coronavirus, out of which over 1400 have recovered fully. The number of new cases per day has also significantly reduced, because of which restrictions of the lockdown have been eased across the country.

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